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Starts with One

Teaching and encouraging youth to respect opioids and other prescription drugs starts with one person–you. Starts with One is an education campaign Yakima Community Coalition conducts throughout the city to teach caring adults how to talk about prescription drug abuse. The campaign goal is to arm the community with prevention tips and techniques to keep themselves and young people safe.

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What can you start doing today?

Help prevent misuse of prescriptions or over the counter medicine with these three simple steps…

Start a conversation

Drug abuse should not be a taboo topic. Encourage open conversations, and gain perspective on the ideas and perceptions youth have on the use of opioids and other substances.

Properly store and dispose

Make sure all prescription drugs are stored where they cannot be easily accessed, and if you have leftover medications make sure to dispose of them properly.

Know where to find help

If a teen in your life is misusing or abusing prescription drugs or other medications, contact local treatment centers like Sundown M. Ranch, MERIT Resource Services, Barth Clinic, or Triumph to find resources that can help them on their road to recovery.

Be prepared

If you are concerned about a loved one’s risk of overdose, speak to your doctor or visit to find the naloxone pharmacy or program nearest you.

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