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Drug Take-Back Day

Opioids and other prescription drugs are commonly found in households across Washington State and, according to NIDA, almost 15% of teens in high school have misused prescription drugs in the past year. Holding onto old prescription drugs and stockpiling medications can create a tempting repository for drug misuse. Yakima Community Coalition hosts Drug Take Back Day with other local community partners to remove old, expired, or unused medications from households and reduce the likelihood that these medications may be a source of harm. This network provides safe, convenient, anonymous and no-judgment locations for families and community members to dispose of old prescriptions.

We help connect families and community members to safe drop-off locations around Yakima County and educate the community about the importance of drug disposal.

Take Back Day has been canceled in our area due to COVID-19. Please visit med-project.org to find a take back location near you.

What can you start doing today?

Just because Drug Take Back Day is twice a year doesn’t mean you need to wait to remove opioids, medications, and prescriptions from your home. Be proactive to keep loved ones in your life safe year-round.

Here are three things you can start doing today…

Check expiration dates

If you have old, outdated prescriptions dispose of them safely or keep them locked away.

Keep track of quantities

Routinely check how much medication is in your active and expired prescriptions.

Start a conversation

Discuss openly with your teens why certain drugs are in the home, their appropriate uses, and the consequences of misusing a prescription or over-the-counter medication.

Learn more about the safe disposal sites near you.

Learn more about hosting Drug Take Back Day at your agency Drug Take-Back Day.